​​Mystic of New Orleans

Mystic of New Orleans

Aura, Charka and             Dream work

ReadingS, Evolution Coaching and 


Energy Work and Healing

Anastasia was born and reared in the mystical city of New ​Orleans. With such a backdrop deeply steeped within culture provided Anastasia with priceless opportunities in which to develop her abilities over the decades. Some say Anastasia is a mystic. Some call her a spiritualist, and some have even referred to her as a good Irish Catholic witch. IF you ask her, she is likely to shrug her shoulders while giving a hearty laugh saying she is "just the Duchess" being of service where and how she can, lending a hand within your souls evolution since you asked for such assistance from her. 

Anastasia has a deep passion and thirst for knowledge. This has strongly supported and guided Anastasia to studying many religions and mastering several practices. She lives the path of the old ways of magic. Religion and Philosophy ended up being her Minor with one of her undergrad degrees.  She strongly feels one ought not ever stop learning, hence why she loves sharing knowledge. In addition, she strongly feels that LOVE and GRATITUDE are the major keys, being the strongest magic there is. 

Anastasia provides discrete assistance and guidance tailored to each individual’s requirements and needs. She finds solutions with you, not just answers. As examples of some services she offers are intuitive readings, energy work, dream work, healing, mentorships, blessings of tours/houses/venues/sets, to evolution coaching, spiritual consultations and mediumship. Do feel free to ask her for any services that are not mentioned. If she does not offer that service, she will direct you to the correct person who can assist you. 

Anastasia has humbly served clients primary within the entertainment sector and creative souls, coast to coast in the United States as well as Internationally. Publicly some places Anastasia has served are Cassadaga, Winter Park, and Orlando in the state of Florida. On the west coast in Venice Beach, North Hollywood and Topanga Canyon in the state of California.  In addition, Atlanta, Georgia in Little 5 Points plus in her birth area of New Orleans, Louisiana where she can be found in the French Quarter these days or under the majestic oaks in City Park.