​​Mystic of New Orleans


a little about anastasia

​​​​​​​Anastasia was born a breech birth entering this world through a veil, hence supporting why she has the blessings/curses of her abilities. Then being reared in the enchanting city of New ​Orleans just added to the adventure. This provided Anastasia with priceless opportunities in which to develop her abilities over the decades. Anastasia has traveled within the States and abroad. In her adult life, some of the places she has resided in are Atlanta, Topanga Canyon, North Hollywood, and Winter Park. Currently she has returned to reside within her hometown of New Orleans. 

In Anastasia's youth, her family had hoped that she was going to "grow out of her creative eccentric ways" which reflected her abilities of the many different "clairs," however that didn't happen. No matter how much Anastasia put forth effort to blend into working within the corporate world, Spirit kept redirecting her to be of service to others in their healing and evolution. 

Anastasia's passion and thirst for knowledge has strongly encouraged her to continue to explore and study many subject matters even now.  She strongly feels one ought not ever stop learning, hence why she loves sharing her knowledge whereas she finds herself in teaching situations sometimes. One of her beliefs is that LOVE  and GRATITUDE are the keys, being the strongest magic there is.

Anastasia intuitively reads using such divination, or oracles, of Tarot, Runes, and Witches Stones for examples when answering questions for your soul’s evolution. She believes these tools can assist in guiding you to make the best educated decisions aiding your free will. 

Since 1972, she has been of service practicing witchcraft, however she also draws from the Viking, Celtic, Hindu, Egyptian, Native American and other philosophies in being of such service. 

When healing, Anastasia uses energies like that of Reiki, Akashic Records, 13D New Paradigm MDT or the Orion DNA technique in addition to also working with your charkas. Some other tools she uses for healing are crystals, oils, gemstones, herbs, and flower essence as examples. Anastasia is a certified 13D Master within the New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation (New Paradigm MDT) from The School of Esoteric Sciences.

Anastasia is glad to assist with your questions, evolution coaching, dreamwork, meditations, aura work, colour work, healing, mediumship as well as create talismans, mojo/medicine bags too. She blesses tours, film sets, private homes, weddings, funerals, grave sites, cars/tour buses, businesses and art openings plus more.

Anastasia provides discrete assistance and guidance tailored to each individual’s requirements. She finds solutions with you, not just answers.  Feel free to drop her an email via the Contact page.

Anastasia is available for consultation via in person, phone, or email. She can be booked through the Contact page for your tour, event, workshops, wedding, convention, speaking engagements, private party/reading. If you are just curious and have questions, feel free to email her as well. She is able to travel within the States and abroad with advance notice and arrangements. 

Anastasia has humbly served clients primary within the entertainment sector and creative souls, coast to coast in the United States as well as Internationally.

Some random favorite folks, music, art and just in life general things of Anastasia are…

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, sharing a meal, Banksy, Salvador Dalí, Anne Rice, Carole King, Telsa, Allan Kardec, Shawn Phillips, John Lennon, Edgar Allen Poe, The Muppets, John Coltrane, Slipknot, Aleister Crowley, Pink Floyd, James Booker, Benjamin Franklin, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Leonardo DaVinci, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Dr. John, traditions and cultures, listening to music, cemeteries, being read to, Russell Brand, thunderstorms, lighting, dancing in the rain, A. Simms, Art Nouveau, gothic and steam punk things, most Baroque piano pieces, T. Rex, Hari Baba, Ramones, skulls, penguins, Mae West, Tupac, Blind Faith, Jefferson Airplane, Doors, moonrise, dusk, laughter, silk, lace, endless smiles, family, friends, traveling, Picasso, Audrey Hepburn, Hedy Lamarr, Lauren Bacall, Mel Brooks, eyes-- especially blue eyes, purples, golds, indigos, greens, the countryside, beaches, sailing,  WWOZ,  documentaries, learning, magic, colouring, burlesque, Mardi Gras Indians, museums, co-collaborating creatively, a good sense of humor even if twisted and most importantly ....unconditional love, root beer and ginger ale.